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Fun? Facts.

makes a hell of a pork roast simmered in beer, kraut and spiced fruit

tends to write poetry as if he were still writing lyrics

spent exactly thirty minutes in Paris, most of it going very fast

portrayed King Arthur on the stage; also, once claimed to be King Neptune

is primarily composed of newyorkicite, with several thick veins of bostonium

wishes Egon Schiele could have been around to draw fliers for hardcore shows

was one of the boy sopranos who drank all the little bottles of Coke out of the vending machine at the monastery

hopes to read all 20 of Zola’s Rougon-Macquart novels (currently: 9, last read: Nana)

missed the day his Abnormal Psych class discussed erotic eccentricity, ironically

wonders if The Gooney Birds are still playing out there somewhere (viz., per  CvB, where, where the hell is Bill? )

feels the same way about the Tombstone Teeth, but doesn't know a song with the name Craig in it

misses the golden days at the Carriage House

sees hope for the culture in the trend towards novelized television, thus...

would like David Simon to be program director for an entire network

needs to mention that there's a subtext to the Rhythm Pigs quote at the bottom taken directly from the song being quoted

owes Sparky K. (formerly of 2000 Flushes) about ten cases of The Water (to be consumed with many a box of CRAC-KERS!)

had the best bowl of minestrone he’s ever had in Kyoto

regrets that his high school band once unnerved a donkey while playing at a town fair

is happy to have been even a small part of the making of Surreal Woman and Other Songs

has insidious plans to become a New York mole within the Philadelphia theater scene

was face-palmed by a skin during an Agnostic Front show at TT the Bear’s in Cambridge because Jim the Hippie bumped into the guy

served as Keeper of the Car Door, 1988 (preceded by: C. Connolly, 1987; succeeded by: S. Koen, 1989)

would love to see his collages move (like DL) but doesn’t have the temperament to direct a film

can ascribe both of his most intense medical experiences to the bacteria that live on cat fangs (also, likely part feline at this point)

has the distinct honor of having once startled the shit out of ol' Tangerino Tantrumpants





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